Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Idea of the Alien in Jack Spicer's Dictated Books

Wow. I just found something wild.

Excited about Kevin Killian and Peter Gizzi's new collection of Jack Spicer's poetry, I've been reading everything on Spicer that I can find--Spicer's poems and writing about Spicer's poetry. During one of my searches for writing about Spicer, I found a very large PDF file.

The file comes from Simon Fraser University. Apparently, when John Granger was there in 1982, he wrote his Master's thesis on Jack Spicer. Robin Blaser was part of the committee, and someone took the time to scan all 172 pages of the thesis for digital documentation.

I haven't read the text yet, but I'm delighted and excited, since it's so difficult to find critical writing on Spicer. If you're interested, the file can be found here.

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