Sunday, September 21, 2008

Holly Woodlawn

A few videos with Holly Woodlawn, Warhol Superstar and my personal idol.

Holly Woodlawn has always been my favorites Warhol Superstar, ever since I saw her in Trash. I think what drew me to Holly was that she wasn't immaculate, like Candy Darling, but her appearance was more human and imperferct than that. And also that she her intelligence and sharp humor were always front and center in any interview or any performance--she came to the screen as an entire person, instead of a vapid image, as Joe Dallesandro perhaps did.

But that's too dismissive of what Joe did manage on-screen, which was very enticing and enigmatic--I can't explain, even to myself, what it is about Joe that made him engaging. Instead, let's just celebrate Holly Woodlawn a while longer.

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